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Faculty Of 1,000 Biology Launch Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Faculty
Faculty of 1000 Biology, the award-winning literature awareness service for the life sciences, today launches its much anticipated Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Faculty. The world's top pharmacologists will highlight and evaluate the most important research articles in their field. This new faculty is headed by world-renowned pharmacologists Floyd Bloom & Paul Insel and comprises 14 sections; each led by top scientists in those fields.

Wal-Mart Experiences Higher Online Prescription Drug Sales, Refills After Introduction Of Generic Drug Discount Program
The generic prescription drug discount program introduced earlier this year by Wal-Mart Stores has prompted increased sales through the company Web site, as customers place orders for medications and prescription refills, according to CEO Carter Cast,

FDA Might Expand Access To Experimental Medications
FDA plans to consider two separate proposals that would expand access to experimental medications for certain patients and allow pharmaceutical companies to charge patients fees for such treatments in some cases, the Wall Street Journal reports. In most cases, patients who seek experimental medications currently must enroll in clinical trials, but patients might not meet requirements for participation.

Wal-Mart Generic Prescription Drug Discount Program Indicates Markets Can Provide Medications At Affordable Prices, Opinion Piece Says
The generic prescription drug discount program introduced earlier this year by Wal-Mart Stores indicates that "markets are, in fact, capable of providing medicines at affordable prices," Peter Pitts, director of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest and a former associate commissioner at

Navigating Legal Minefields Of Drug Industry Addressed At UH Talk
In an age when drug companies often find themselves on the receiving end of high-dollar lawsuits, people who work in the pharmaceutical industry may find themselves wishing they had a law degree. Thanks to a lecture series sponsored by the University of Houston Libraries and the UH College of Pharmacy, they'll soon get to hear from someone who does.Benny Agosto Jr.

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