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Faculty Of 1,000 Biology Launch Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Faculty
Faculty of 1000 Biology, the award-winning literature awareness service for the life sciences, today launches its much anticipated Pharmacology & Drug Discovery Faculty. The world's top pharmacologists will highlight and evaluate the most important research articles in their field. This new faculty is headed by world-renowned pharmacologists Floyd Bloom & Paul Insel and comprises 14 sections; each led by top scientists in those fields.

InnoMed's Drug Safety Database Goes Live
Researchers from major pharmaceuticals, Swiss-based computational biology firm Genedata and European Commission (EC) representatives met recently in Dublin for the Second General Assembly of InnoMed PredTox consortium. InnoMed PredTox is a joint Industry, Academic and EC collaboration to improve drug safety testing.

Repetitive Motion Speeds Nanoparticle Uptake
Newly published research by Rice University chemists and North Carolina State University toxicologists finds that repetitive movement can speed the uptake of nanoparticles through the skin.The research is based on in vitro experiments involving animal skin that was exposed to buckyball-containing amino acids. It appears in the Jan. 10 issue of the American Chemical Society's journal Nano Letters.

Results Mixed On Postmarketing Studies Of New Drugs, According To The Tufts Center For The Study Of Drug Development
While drug developers over the past six years have stepped up the number of postmarketing studies they conduct on newly approved medicines, sponsors feel that those studies have contributed little to their understanding of safety, efficacy, or quality, a recently completed assessment by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development shows.

European Medicines Agency Agrees On Action Plan Following The Recall Of Viracept And Recommends Suspension Of The Marketing Authorisation
The European Medicines Agency agreed on an action plan to follow-up patients who were exposed to contaminated Viracept (nelfinavir). Viracept, from Roche Registration Limited, is an antiretroviral medicine used to treat HIV-1 infected adults, adolescents and children of 3 years of age and older.

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