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Governors, Lawmakers Pressure FDA To Ease Market Entry Of Generic Insulin
Some federal lawmakers and governors have been lobbying FDA to ease the way for the production and sale of generic insulin, which analysts say would reduce the cost of diabetes treatment by 25%, the New York Times reports.

FDA Proposes 29% Increase In User Fees Paid By Pharmaceutical Companies
FDA on Thursday proposed a 29% increase in the annual user fees paid to the agency by pharmaceutical companies to improve oversight of prescription drug safety, reduce approval times for new medications and monitor direct-to-consumer television advertisements for treatments, the

Lessons From Vioxx Case: New Approach Needed To Restore Faith In Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry, academia and government agencies need to work together to restore faith in drug development, say doctors in this weeks' BMJ.They argue that the recent litigation over the drug Vioxx, produced by Merck and Co. Inc., has highlighted the failings of the current system, which can be open to abuse.

Colorado Gov. Ritter Signs Bill To Create Discount Prescription Drug Program
Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) on Monday signed into law a bill (SB 1) to create a prescription drug program for low-income uninsured state residents that could reduce drug prices by up to 80% for some beneficiaries next year, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports. The Senate last month voted 27-6 to approve the legislation, and the bill passed the House last week on a 57-7 vote.

Legislation Introduced In House And Senate That Would Give FDA Authority To Approve Generic Versions Of Biotechnology Drugs
Lawmakers in the House and Senate on Wednesday introduced a bill that would allow FDA to approve generic versions of biotechnology medications, USA Today reports (Schmit, USA Today, 2/15). According to the St.

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