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Diseases results:

Stomach ulcer
Colorectal Cancer

Articles results:

A New Study Of Living Cells Could Revolutionize The Way We Test Drugs
Researchers have made a breakthrough by detecting the electrical equivalent of a living cell's last gasp. The work takes them a step closer to both seeing the 'heartbeat' of a living cell and a new way to test drugs.To stay alive, individual biological cells must transfer electrically charged particles, called ions across their cell membranes. This flow produces an electrical current that could, in principle, be detected with sensitive enough equipment.

International Federation Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations Statement On Compulsory Licensing Of Medicines
Brazil and Thailand have recently imposed compulsory licenses for HIV/AIDS and other medicines. Although permitted under specific conditions by the WTO TRIPS agreement, compulsory licensing is not a solution to improve access to medicines.

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