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Diseases results:

Stomach ulcer
Peptic ulcer
Gastric ulcer
Crohn’s Disease

Articles results:

Smith & Nephew Endoscopy's Specialized Website Provides One-stop Resource For Medical Reimbursement Information
Smith & Nephew's (NYSE:SNN; LSE: SN) Endoscopy division today announced the launch of a web-based resource guide to provide comprehensive reimbursement information.The site provides healthcare facility administrators, medical billing staffs and managed care organizations with information that is easy to access and customized geographically to account for differences in reimbursement policies by state or by insurer.

No Need To Go Under The Knife - Pharma Has You Covered
Millennium Research Group (MRG) has conducted a detailed analysis of surgical procedures in its US Surgical Procedure Volumes 2007 report, which is intended to serve as a valuable tool to identify opportunities in the surgical space for pharmaceutical companies. More patients prefer drugs rather than going under the knife in an invasive surgical procedure and innovative pharmaceutical companies are meeting this need through new drug therapies.

Release Of New Capsule Endoscopes Will Spur Market Growth
Millennium Research Group (MRG) has conducted a detailed analysis of the US video and high-tech device market in its US Markets for Video and High-Tech Hardware Devices 2007 report. The analysis reveals that capsule endoscopy is the fastest-growing segment of the market, with a compound annual growth rate set to reach approximately 50% over the next five years.

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