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    Optimal Antigen Presentation For Sensitive Immunoassays
Dynal Bead Based Separations (part of the Invitrogen Group), has announced the introduction of a new immunoassay bead for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) applications - Dynabeads® MyOne™ Immunoassay (Carboxyl). This new bead type has been carefully developed to provide highly precise immobilization of small antigens such as peptides, steroids and hormones to the surface of the beads. Hege Skjellerudsveen, Dynal IVD Product Manager said, "The new low charge carboxyl immunoassay bead, expands our excellent IVD bead offering. It is particularly suited to infectious disease testing, along with other antibody tests (autoimmune, allergy, small molecule hormones and drugs).  It gives customers the opportunity to develop antigen-based assays more easily, as well as with much higher consistency and sensitivity compared to alternative techniques."

The beads are functionalized with a controlled number of carboxylic acid groups. The antigen of choice can then be coupled to the beads, either directly or via a linker, using carbodiimide mediated amide bond formation, which has been extensively discussed in the literature. This also reduces the need for BSA blocking which is often used to avoid non-specific binding of serum proteins that would otherwise interfere with the assay.

Dynabeads MyOne™ Immunoassay (Carboxyl) provide an excellent solid support for antigen-down immunoassays. Their hydrophilic surface ensures low non-specific binding, excellent dispersion abilities and easy handling in a wide variety of buffers. These beads also have a high magnetic mobility in combination with a low sedimentation rate, making them ideal for automated assays. Furthermore, Dynabeads do not inhibit enzymatic activity and can be included directly in downstream analysis of the bead-bound target molecule. Alternatively, the target molecule can be eluted off the Dynabeads using conventional elution methods.

Dynabeads are the original magnetic separation tool, and are still the world's best superpara-magnetic beads for both research and diagnostic applications. As a result, leading IVD companies have chosen Dynabeads for over 15 years. Dynabeads offer excellent quality and reproducibility with very high signal-to-noise ratio, fast kinetics and high capacity. Dynal is very experienced at working with diagnostic companies and provides a high level of R&D competency with customized development and coupling, which decreases QC costs whilst increasing manufacturing efficiency. As a result, Dynal is the preferred partner for long-term IVD assay development, from the earliest phase onwards, meeting all present and future manufacturing and regulatory needs. Dynal, now as part of Invitrogen, continues to offer the quality the market has come to expect.

Dynal is the pioneer of biomagnetic separation technology, offering Dynabeads produced according to the original patents for monodisperse superparamagnetic beads. Today, the Dynabeads® product portfolio supports cell separation for basic and clinical research, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, diagnostics and more. Dynal offers tailor-made products on an OEM-basis to large volume users.

What Are Dynabeads®?

The beads are superparamagnetic: that is, they exhibit magnetic properties only when placed within a magnetic field and show no residual magnetism when removed from this field.

The polymer coating of the beads protects targets from toxic exposure to iron. The true uniformity (CV<3%) of size, shape and surface area provides optimal accessibility and reaction kinetics, allowing for rapid and efficient binding.

The true spherical shape and defined surface chemistry minimise chemical agglutination and non-specific binding.

Unique batch-to-batch reproducibility (typically within 5%) secures the reproducibility and quality of results.

The specific characteristics of the many available bead types facilitate magnetic separation of a wide variety of targets.

Separation is gentle and no column or centrifugations are necessary.

Publication Date: 2006-11-28 02:00

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