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    Containment Technologies Group, Inc. Introduces New Aseptic Hospital Isolator Technology
Containment Technologies Group, Inc. announces a new advanced aseptic compounding isolator for pharmacy-compounded sterile preparations. The Mobile Isolation Chamber-Environmental Decontamination Unit (MIC-EDU) utilizes Vaprox(R) Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant to treat the exterior of components before they are placed in hospital ISO Class 5 environments for compounding.

Our collaborative efforts with STERIS Corporation have resulted in a solution that will help eliminate the risk of biological contamination during the pharmacy preparation process. The MIC-EDU represents a significant effort by both companies to integrate the use of STERIS' Vaprox(R) Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant technology as part of a decontamination process.

About Containment Technologies Group, Inc.

Since 1994, Containment Technologies Group, Inc. has been a leader in pharmacy isolators. CTG isolators provide an ISO Class 5 environment for compounding sterile preparations for intravenous administration. For more information, visit

About STERIS Corporation

The mission of STERIS Corporation is to provide a healthier today and safer tomorrow through knowledgeable people and innovative infection prevention, decontamination and health science technologies, products and services. STERIS Corporation has more than 5,000 dedicated employees around the world working together to supply a broad array of equipment, consumables and services to healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial and government customers. STERIS Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol STE.

Containment Technologies Group, Inc.

Publication Date: 2006-11-07 02:00

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