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Neuritis is an inflammation of the nerves, whether a single nerve or a combination or series of nerves. Sometimes several groups of nerves can be affected and this condition is then referred to as polyneuritis.

Neuritis Neurological disorder


Symptoms of neuritis are tingling sensation, stabbing pains or a burning sensation in the area of the affected nerves. Severe cases of neuritis will present as numbness, paralysis of muscles in the area affected and loss of sensations. Facial neuritis can result in changes on the affected side. Some patients in the acute stage or neuritis lose the ability to close the eyes due to loss of tone and strength in the muscles around the eyes.


Neuritis is caused by toxins in the body. Toxins can build up due to a poor diet, illicit drug use, over work, nutritional deficiencies and disturbances in the metabolism. Injury such as a deep cut, bad bruise or crushing of a nerve trunk can cause neuritis. Neuritis can also be caused by poisoning from mercury, insecticides, lead, alcohol, and arsenic.


Treatment depends on the type of neuritis. There are four primary types of neuritis, though it can occur anywhere in the body. The types of neuritis are brachial neuritis, optic neuritis, peripheral neuritis and vestibular neuritis. Peripheral neuritis is often c, peripheral neuritis aused by diabetes. There is no cure for peripheral neuritis.

Vestibular neuritis is believed to be caused by a viral infection of the vestibular nerve. This type of neuritis usually clears up on its own. Optic neuritis is also known as papillitis. Symptoms of this form or neuritis are loss of vision in one eye or impaired color interpretation. Optic neuritis is diagnosed in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

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