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Stomatitis is inflammation of the mucous tissues lining the mouth. Stomatitis can affect the cheeks, gums, lips, roof or base of the mouth and tongue. When related to smoking tobacco, pipe, cigar or cigarette, it is referred to as stomatitis nicotina. When the gingival are affected it is referred to as gingivostomatitis.

Stomatitis Mouth diseases


Stomatitis nicotina displays small red bumps on the roof of the mouth. Stomatitis that is undefined can manifest these symptoms: painful irritation, redness, welling and bleeding from the affect patch in the mouth, Halitosis or bad breath may also be present.


Stomatitis can be the result of underlying conditions such as an oral infection, mouth injury, allergy, dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, chemical irritants or toxins. Other conditions that may cause stomatitis are anemia, leukemia, autoimmune deficiency diseases, vitamin deficiency – such as a B vitamin or C vitamin, neutropenia and agranulocytosis. Stomatitis can also be a symptom of mercury poisoning.


Diagnosis of stomatitis can be challenging, history of the patient may reveal a dietary deficiency or a systemic disease or exposure to allergens or toxins. A physical exam will check lesions in the mouth and other skin problems. Scrapings of the lesions and lining of the mouth may be tested for infectious agents.


Treatment for stomatitis depends on the cause. Consistent oral hygiene is important to treat stomatitis. Avoid sharp foods such as chips and nuts. Use a soft bristle tooth brush and gently brush teeth and gums.

Sometimes poorly fitting dentures or dental implants can be the cause of stomatitis. In this case, patients should have regular exams by their dentist or oral surgeon. Patients with anemia or vitamin deficiencies can correct this via medication. Stomatitis will usually be resolved with the correct treatment.

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